Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Wet, wet, wet!

 08:45 yesterday morning and the canal water rushes into the dry dock
It’s just covering the plinth that Rock n Roll sits on  ...
 … and the last stop plank is removed and we’re out!

You may be able to see from the pictures above that outside it is raining stair rods!  We need to visit the services so George reverses to the bottom of Newcastle Road Lock and by the time we’re there we are soaked!  We wondered whether to stay here or not but there are only private/permit moorings on this stretch so we’d at least have to descend one lock to see if there’s a space there.  Decision made … we can’t get any wetter so we might as well continue after all we had arranged to meet Margaret and Geoff later on Seyella.  No photographs of the journey though it was far too wet to get the camera out - suffice to say we found that we could get wetter than we were when we set out!  All said and done, it was good to be on the move again and despite the awful weather we enjoyed the cruise to Great Haywood where Geoff was waiting to help us moor up.

We had a fantastic evening with them, lots to catch up on and lots of laughter too.  Geoff cooked a delicious beef casserole with all the trimmings and apple crumble and cream for pudding - thank you, it was divine!

 Isn’t she a lovely lady ?
 Stay well Margaret, hope to see you again soon xx
Geoff being Geoff - on the move again turning onto the Staffs and Worcester canal to meet up with some more friends.  See you both soon we hope.

Apart from George taking a trip into Stafford for a new sim card for his new iPhone (you may remember he put his last one in the washing machine and it’s now dead as a dodo) we’re staying put here at Great Haywood and looking forward to meeting up again with Ann and Kevin (new owners of RnR) here tomorrow to hopefully enjoy a day’s cruising with us to Fradley Junction in what I really hope will be better weather than we’ve had of late.

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  1. Hi Carol,

    I hope that in your new boat Molly has a proper look-out built into the design.