Sunday, 13 October 2013

Blogger v Google+ … help please

I changed over to Google+ some time ago almost by default really and as it didn’t appear to change anything on my Rock ’n’ Roll blog I didn’t revert back. The only thing I had to do was to cancel the Google+ opportunity to share the posting within ‘my circle’ which was no big deal.

For some of my readers it made it difficult to add a comment but they did appear to eventually find a way around this.

But … you will have noticed that I’ve altered the layout of the blog and since I’ve done this I’ve lost my blogger followers gadget and when I’ve tried to restore it I can only access a Google+ gadget for ‘circles’.  

I’ve created a new blog for our new build and really don’t want to use Google+ circles; I’ve obviously checked the ‘add a gadget’ list but the only one there relates to Google+ so ...

Does anyone know where I can find the original ‘Blogger’ followers gadget?


  1. Hi Carol, Go to your Blogger dashboard, click on the gear icon (top right). In the drop down menu there's an option to "Revert to Blogger profile" Simples. I had to do it too, if you've got a blog, G+ doesn't like to integrate!!


  2. Suggest you try this...

    Go to Blogger Dashboard/Layout/Add a Gadget On the gadget list click 'Add More Gadget' on the left. You should find the Google follower gadget there, click on it's link to add it to the blog.

  3. I know Heather on Takey Tezey had similar difficulties with Google+, and I think she managed to sort it out.

  4. Thanks you all soooo much! Revert to Blogger sorted the Google + problem and the follower gadget was found just as Sue said. Job’s a good-un!!