Sunday, 6 October 2013

On the move again ...

Festival Park to Barlaston bridge 104 on Saturday morning - we’ve done this cruise so many times but this time I walked after taking Rock n Roll down Stoke locks.
Cockshut Lock - there’s writing on the gate that I’ve not noticed before ...
… nicely done!
It’s an interesting setting, this lock.
A replica pit shaft wheel by …
… the incinerator - just look at that sky - beautiful!
Moored up for a couple of nights at bridge 104 - one of our favourite mooring that we will miss greatly in the future!
Sunset at 25 past 7 on Saturday night ...
… and sunrise at 7 am Sunday morning.

George has now started to prepare Rock n Roll prior to us going into Stone’s Canal Cruiser dry dock to re-black her bottom and make good her exterior paintwork.

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