Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Barlaston to Stone, friends and bloggers ...

We left Barlaston on Monday and I walked with Molly to bridge 100

“… he’s coming Mum!”

We’d only been moored up on the Stone town moorings for 10 minutes when there was a knock on the boat and there was Kath walking to set Yard Lock.  We’ve not seen John and Kath since September 2011 on the Kennet and Avon when we had the pleasure of their company for a few days.  Enjoy the Llangollen - it was good to see you again and have a quick catch-up, hope it’s not another 2-years before we see you again!  Stay in touch!

We had arranged to meet up with fellow bloggers Elaine and Paul at The Star pub and enjoyed an entertaining couple of hours with these two lovely people.  Have a relaxing holiday in Spain and we’ll meet up again when we’re out of the dry dock!

Not long after Tug Sirius left to continue her cruise there was another knock and a familiar face at the window - John was also passing Rock n Roll to set Yard lock and Fiona soon came by us at the helm of Epiphany. I’m sure she won’t mind me pinching her picture and want to thank her too for ‘tweeting’ that RnR was up for sale, we don’t tweet but saw Fiona’s in Octobers Tillergraph yesterday.  I’m sure we’ll meet up again for a longer get together once on the wide waters.

We’re moving down towards Sandon today as the towpath is lower and will enable George to finish off preparing below the gunwale ready for painting and there’s a convenient winding hole (turning point) so that he can do both sides of Rock n Roll.  We shall return to Canal Cruising at Stone next Sunday to take advantage of one of the dry docks to black her bottom before she is handed over to her new owners - scary biscuit!!

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