Thursday, 12 July 2012

We’ve moved!

Although there are still yellow boards up on the Thames the stream is decreasing for the moment and since the water was flat calm, the sun shining and there was hardly any breeze to speak of at half past 9 we’re ready for the off  ...
 ... from our mooring on the meadow at Letchlade
 Proceding to Ha’penny Bridge to wind (turn)
 Seyella has gone ahead and has already winded and is on his way back ...
 ... and that’s us winded now and looking back at Ha’penny Bridge
 A noisy group of school children join us in Buscot Lock ...
 ... and they’re having a great time!
 Approaching the private marina at Eaton Hastings
 A pretty view of the approach to Grafton lock on this lovely sunny morning
 As we pulled into the service area to fill the water tanks the local ducks came to greet us - they love it in the lock going up and down with the boats!
 George starts the turn to approach the dreaded Radcot Bridge
 That is one very narrow bridge!!
We’re now moored once again on the meadow below the bridge in pretty much the same place as we were on 4th July.
It’s raining again as I post this blog and the forecast is set to rain for the rest of the day - let’s see what tomorrow brings - stream continuing to decrease or will that be increasing perhaps?

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