Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Black and White Visitors

We were rudely awoken yesterday morning just after 6am - the boat was rocking and and the front door was rattling in it’s housing .... George got up and looked through the curtains ... all he could see were cows!  We discovered later from the farmer when he came to collect our mooring fees that he’d run out of feed for them under cover so he’d had no choice but to let them out onto the meadow.  He’d also apparently told Geoff that they (the cows) would get ‘grumpy’ if it rained!

This was the scene on the edge of the bank against which we’re moored at 11:15 yesterday mornings ...
There’s at least 40 young cows in the herd and they were all inspecting the moored boats ...
... this one was about 8inches away from my camera lens - and I was at the galley window!
Some took a shine to Seyella’s cratch cover ...
... and the front cratch board obviously makes a good scratching post
“I’d leave that rope alone if I was you - she’s watching you through this window!"

“Tasty”... “Can’t quite reach”... ”I’ll help” ....
“got it!"
“We could move this boat if I could get hold of it too!”

We (the 3 boats that the cows were most interested in) shooed them away 3 or 4 times during the afternoon and evening and the rains certainly did make them grumpy ... every time the heavens opened they (as one) galloped across the meadow to the nearest trees for shelter - it was not a good idea to be in their way!

Had a nice evening on board with Mags and Geoff sharing a fish supper from the local chippy ... and very nice it was too.

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