Tuesday, 24 July 2012

A family visit

 The Thames this morning ...
 ... just before 06:30
 Our son Mark and wife Ange, daughter Lucy and son Edward, oh, and that’s George too
 Pangbourne’s posh pads as we take a short cruise down Whitchurch Lock to the meadow ...
 ... where we watched this Sparrow Hawk high up in the tree.
 The river has been really busy today, we met this large group of canoeists on the way back to Beale Park
 Time to go home came all too soon though - it was so lovely to spend a day with them on the boat
On the way back from Beale Park car park we discovered this strange boat on the lake

 It should have been on the Thames during the Jubilee celebrations ...
 ... and when we got back to Rock n Roll this family of Egyptian Geese were waiting to be fed
The baby of the family - cute!

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