Tuesday, 17 July 2012


Yesterday ‘Bernie’ sent an e-mail to Geoff to say that he followed Seyella’s blog and therefore knew he (Geoff) and ourselves were ‘stuck’ at the Ferryman’s Inn.  

He wrote to say that he only lived 20 minutes away and if we needed anything (provisions etc) please let him know and he would help us out.  Geoff wrote back to say thank you very much, that we were ok for the moment but if Bernie would like to drop in any time he would be very welcome.  Bernie replied that he’d love to.

He and Val arrived at Seyella early evening for a cuppa and delicious slice of carrot cake (which he brought with him) and Geoff invited us to join them.

They in in the throes of looking for a narrowboat with a view to living aboard in retirement and are currently looking at a boat currently moored at Thrupp.

We spent a very nice hour or so in their company and wish them well in their search for a suitable boat; we hope to meet up with them again on the cut in the not too distant future.

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