Monday, 2 July 2012

Wiggly, drizzly day ...

Wiggly as in the river, drizzly as in the weather!
 They ran away when they saw us coming!
 The Thames just here looks like a narrow fast-running stream
 Shifford Lock House - and the lockie actually lives there!
 Waiting in the lock for it to be turned for us - the lockie is closing the gate
 Tenfoot Bridge (12’2” in normal conditions)
WB Solstice had been warned that we we heading towards him so sounded his horn on the bend which we answered to let him know we were close by
 Sharp left here ...
 ... into a thickly wooded area ...
 ... so beautiful
 Our wake
 It’s been difficult on this cruise to Letchlade to know exactly where we were so today we got out our little computer on which we’ve loaded EureauWeb Water-Way - this is where we were at exactly 12:18:47 this morning. You can see how ‘wiggly’ it is!
 Leaving the avenue of trees
 Nicholsons have designated this as mooring - but it is all private long term
 Tadpole Bridge
 Rushey Lock on the right and the weir on the left which is currently undergoing a 3-year renovation to cope with the extra water we’ve been having in recent years
 Mags advises us to moor behind her, not alongside as there’s a boat coming down the lock and we don’t know if it’s a narrow or wide beam.
 The lock landing was under about an inch of water which got deeper as the lock emptied!
Closing the gates on us - you can see that we’ve travelled with our hood up today!
Just a couple of hundred yards further on we pulled in to moor - that’s enough for today.

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  1. I do like the mapping, but were you really heading straight for the bank???