Saturday, 21 July 2012

A busy day

We came this way last October click here ...
Bridge over the weir entrance of Iffley Lock ... the emblem on the balustrading ...
is the Thames Conservancy emblem shown here on Iffley lock house  ...
... where 3 narrowboats descended in the larger lock
Paddington Bear at Isis Bridge
... and this very beautiful hotel boat near Rose Island
Sandford Lock is even bigger - here 4 narrowboats went down together!

Nice boathouse - what a waste that no-one lives in the rooms above; it does look lovely ...

... I think the boathouse must be part of the Nuneham Park estate.

Both Seyella and ourselves need to fill the water tanks but the service area above Abingdon Lock is very busy and there’s not enough room for boats to wait without getting in the way of boats coming up the lock, but we eventually managed to squeeze in, wait our turn, fill the tank, descend the lock and moor up just to the right of Abingdon Bridge only just to the side of the strong current.
George (hubby) and I walked into Abingdon for supplies.  This building is the County Hall erected between 1678 and 1684 and draws heavily on the work of Sir Christopher Wren.
Our Abingdon mooring ...
... just out of the current and turbulance of the river under the bridge - but we’re ok!
It’s been a fantastically sunny warm day and there’s more to come tomorrow apparently!! 

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