Sunday, 1 July 2012

A good day for us, though not for Bones ...

Yesterday 10:15 - Geoff has cast us off and we’re on our way

Looking back ... that sky looks ominous!

 The River Evenlode - where several boats were well hidden!

Cracked Crack Willow had ended up half way across the river

The meeting point

Approaching Eynsham Lock ...

... where the wash from the weir is holding us against the service area whilst we pump out the tank
Eynsham Weir in action

Holding them steady whilst in the lock

Not seen a lockie close the gates like this before - most impressive!

 Rock n Roll and Seyella moored under the trees whilst Geoff and I walk into Eynsham for provisions ...

... over Swinford Tollbridge built in 1769 replacing the ferry that had been used since the 11th century  ...

... and into Eynsham village centre 

 The Cenotaph alongside what looks as if it may have been the local gaol house

St Leonard’s Church

Picturesque cottage on the way back to the boats

On our way again ...

Seyella’s following

An unusual craft, but it looks comfy enough

Some large dutch barges ...

... moored at Anglo Welsh Boat Hire

Geoff and Mags are round the bend!

Pinkhill Lock is ‘self-service’ today
(not manned by a lock keeper)

George went ahead to help to turn the lock round for us and called me to say that Bones was coming through ...

... I learned from him later that she had been involved in a collision  just before the lock so it was understandable that she looked preoccupied on the phone when she passed us.  

Hope you get things sorted soon Bones ...

Through Pinkhill Lock

An assortment of styles ...

We hoped to have moored just above Pinkhill - but that was not to be - we should have known really - it is the weekend after all.

Just look at the colour of that sky!

We cruised for another mile or so through Northmoor Lock when the heavens opened.
We quickly tethered the boats abreast, tied the stern to the last capstan on the lock landing and the bows on a long rope on pins in the meadow and called it a day!


  1. That method of working the offside gates is common on unpowered Thames locks where they really do not like narrow boats working through with only one gate open.

  2. I am really sorry we didnt get to share some time togther - i was in a bit of shock after the incident. The dent is rather large and the situation inside the boat was spectacular. The poor piano is damanged too!
    I DO hope we can catch up on your way back!!!!!