Monday, 23 July 2012

A hot, hot day ...

 09:25 and it’s already 30 degrees C on the roof of Rock n Roll
 Geoff and Mags set of first this morning just as yet another boat got stuck on that sandbank ...
 ... so ‘hero’ Geoff went to the rescue with some powerful tugs and pulls ...
 ... and he’s free!  Well done Geoff

Under Shillingford Bridge 

Approaching Benson ...

... and its lovely waterfront

... and then into Benson Lock 

We moored up for an hour or so at Wallingford to stock up on supplies 

I bet the water’s cold, but they seem to be enjoying themselves

The Boathouse on the river at Wallingford used to have a big sign on the riverside - NO MOORING - but it’s gone now - good! 

First sailing boat we’ve seen on the Thames so far
 Four Red Kites kept us entranced as we cruised ...

 A fantastic sight!

The Leathern Bottle was busy when we passed
(thanks Alf)

Cleeve Lock ...

... and a stuning boathouse

Waiting for this big girl to exit Goring Lock ...


Looking back ... 
 The weir at Goring - always a superb picture

Approaching our moorings for tonight ...
Derwent 6 already moored up.
Seyella moored up just in front of Al and Del and we continued a few boat lengths down to moor near the main entrance of Beale Park.
It has been too hot for me today with tempretures up in the 30’s!
Our son and his family are visiting us tomorrow and I can’t wait!


  1. Not the Barleycorn, its the Leatherne Bottel the John Barleycorn is in Goring,

    Hope this helps


    1. Thanks for correcting that for me Alf

  2. Hi Carol/George,
    From my past sea-faring days the rules for shipping travelling on rivers were 'when going with the main stream of flood (travelling up-stream) red buoys should be to your port side (red nav lights) when passing them and vise-versa for green buoys. Keep up the good blog
    Kev & Ann (ex-NB 4Evermoore)

    1. Thanks for that Kev - kind regards to Ann and yourself - hope that you’re both keeping well.