Thursday, 18 November 2010

We're leaving Overwater Marina today

We've enjoyed our short stay here, forced I must say by the winter stoppages above Hack Green Locks. I've been having tests at the Countess of Chester Hospital since late August but am pleased to report that everything is as it should be and now we can continue with our journey.  After spending the majority of the summer 'till now it will seem strange to be 'on the go' nearly every day - we want to go as far south before the winter proper sets in and then continue in the spring on towards the K & A.
We've had lots of very windy and wet weather whilst moored here but last weekend during a very cold but dry sunny Saturday we walked into Audlem just because we could! This is George and Molly taking a rest at the bottom lock on the way.
and the peaceful scene behind us.
The colour of the trees tells me that autumn is very definitely with us now in fact it's so cold lately that it could already be mid-winter 
The nights are drawing in so quickly ....
... these pictures were taken at 20 past 3 in the afternoon and the sun is already starting to set.
I was very lucky to catch this Cormorant out of the water mid-afternoon on Tuesday this week.
George has gone to get rid of the car we purchased when we first arrived in the area at the end of May and used for work and my hospital appointments - as luck would have it we sold it back to the company he purchased it from with the loss of only a few pounds so we're pleased with that, although again I have to admit that I might miss it for the ease of shopping etc., but that was not what we signed up for when we started our adventure - so here we go again - looking forward to seeing fellow boaters and bloggers out on the cut!

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