Sunday, 7 November 2010

Leaving Tattenhall Marina

To avoid the winter stoppages at Bunbury, Nantwich and Hack Green which all start on Monday 8th November until various times in December we left Tattenhall on Thursday 4th Nov. There was a howling wind blowing on that morning with gusts up to 42 mph so we waiting until about 1:30 before moving off when the wind had dropped and the gusts stopped.
last glimpse of Beeston Castle for a while as I waited for the Iron Lock to be made ready
We moored here just above the lock for the night and George snapped these Gulls sitting one per post!
approaching Beeston Stone Lock
this is one of my favourite scenes above the stone lock
Leakey gates at Tilstone Lock
Approaching Calverley Bridge with its neat arched cubby-hole for the stop planks
BW Calverley depot getting all the equipment ...
... ready for the maintenance at Bunbury ...
we think this may be a Marsh Harrier as it looks smaller than a buzzard
pheasant season
more gulls waiting for something?
whoops third from left nearly overbalanced there!
passing Hurleston Junction - Llangollon Canal beyond the lock
We saw this shared ownership narrowboat at Nantwich Junction - it won the Lionel Monk Award for best boat at this year's IWA National Festival
We moored on Friday night at Coole Pilate visitor moorings just south of bridge 82 - another great mooring spot.  This pheasant played hide and seek with me across the canal - each time I had my camera ready to shoot he ducked below the ridge just behind him in this picture and then reappeared further along the canal just as I switched the camera off because I thought he'd gone!
The following morning we pulled into Overwater Marina near Audlum.
We'll stay here for week or so as I have some appointments to keep in Chester before we head south for the winter
these pictures were taken from our mooring at Overwater on Saturday 6th November
Audlum had a fantastic
bonfire night

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