Sunday, 28 November 2010


Yesterday Ann and I with George and (our) Molly walked into Gailey to Dobbies Garden Centre as I wanted to buy some garden fleece hoping that it will prolong the life of my pots.  It was one of those garden centres that is more about everything else than plants and flowers as is common these days, but we did manage to find some fleece so it wasn't a wasted journey.  In fact I bought some super fleecy socks for George which he was very pleased with and he went back there later to buy some more and a Regatta fleece too!
On the way to the garden centre we called at Gailey Pottery for a look around and I purchased this beautiful plate - more about this establishment in my next posting.
  During a very entertaining evening with Ann and Chas from NB Moore2Life the temperature dipped to minus 8 degrees so it was not surprising that this morning we woke to a very hard frost.
These two pictures are of our galley window at 08:20 this morning - the ice hasn't yet all melted as I post this at 12:31. 
The only windows that we haven't had secondary glazing added is this one and the two small windows one in the bathroom and the other opposite the bathroom door, but have decided that we'll look at the feasibility of doing these when we meet up with our boat fitter when we eventually reach Milton Keynes.

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