Monday, 15 November 2010

On the Bonnie Bonnie Banks .....

....of Loch Lomond
This is the pretty village of Luss on the south western edge of Loch Lomond
Loch Lomond has the largest surface area of fresh water Loch in the UK. The Loch is 24 miles long and five miles wide and at its deepest point is some 600 feet deep.
On the Loch there are approximately 38 Islands, which lend it a sense of mystery and romance. Some of the islands are inhabited and there is even a Hotel on one, Inchmurrin.
Loch Lomond must be the worlds most famous Loch and has been much written about, both in song and verse. The area is renowned for its beauty and tranquility and offers picture postcard views around every corner.
The Loch is crossed by the Highland Boundary Fault and exhibits the physical characteristics of both highland and Lowland Scotland. Some 200 species of birds and over 25% of Britain's wild plants have been recorded in the area.

it's a very, very peaceful place at this time of year
stunning views ....
.... over the lake
Welcome to Luss Pier
Loch Lomond ... White pebbles shores on which its gentle billows murmur, like a miniature ocean, its rocky promontories rising from the deep water, rich in wild flowers and ferns.  John MacCulloch 1824
For thousands of years travellers have arrived here by water. Among them were early Christian saints, who brought new religious teachings from Ireland, and the vikings, who rowed their boats down to the Loch terrorising local communities.  By the 19th century a new type of visitor began to arrive - tourists came by steamer to enjoy the romantic scenery.  This pier was built in 1861 to accommodate the steamers and to export the village produce - slates, cotton and oak bark, which was used in softening leather.
(copied from an information board by the pier)
oh so peaceful ...
beautiful clear water
a pretty and interesting
village church ....
 ...... stone cottages ....

.... in a lovely setting  ...
 and a river which feeds the lake.
It's about 12/13 years since we last visited Luss, our daughter and her family love to spend long weekends here in the summer time - a truly lovely place.

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