Friday, 9 September 2011

A very different day ...

... from the last time we came this way, it was hot, sunny and busy on the way downstream; today it was quiet and wet in the air...
 A cobweb on the outside of the galley window this morning
 The view across the valley over the River Avon
 Even Molly thinks this house is something special
 JL Hotel Boats - Lady Margaret and Selena
 Autumn Leaves
 One man and his dog in a huge field
 Avoncliffe Aqueduct is clear today
 They were already posing before I pointed the camera!
 The Avoncliffe Cafe was quiet today too
... and a heron stood silently as we pulled over to allow a wide beam to pass just before we moored up below Bradford Lock. Into town this afternoon to collect post and my rings from the jewellers where they'd been for the last 3 weeks or so being resized - it was great to have them back.

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