Friday, 2 September 2011

Then the Navy arrived

The tide last night was just over 11 meters (1meter above normal for this time of year) and we'd been told by the harbour master's office to contact Netham Lock for more details.  When we rang the lock keeper he told us that the lock gates wouldn't be left open until at least 12:30; so it was a bit of a 'lie-in' this morning as we didn't want to hang around at Netham because mooring is in short supply there.
So it was about 11 when we were preparing to untie the ropes when I went up onto the back deck and saw this ....
... so this is what we would have seen had we stayed down at Cumberland Basin last night
Navy obviously ...
... and coming straight for us!
Very impressive!
Dignitaries are on board - looks like the Lord Mayor of Bristol
... 30mm gun and sailors on parade ...
... and machine guns too!
She carries 45 Navy personnel, 5 of which are officers
The rear deck as she passes us ...
... and continues upstream.
After emptying the waste tank we did a quick round of the harbour - not too far as we can see lots of sailing boats down there
past the bow of that great ship ...
... and SS Matthew ...
... and HMS Ledbury ...
... the minesweeper, in her mooring.
What a lucky fantastic sight that was - although I wish that we'd seen her arrive last night through the sea locks.
 Netham Lock open - but we had to wait and pulled in beside the Devises hire boat on the right. We were informed that there are divers in the river at Hanham Lock securing one of the top gates closed as it was faulty; we also found out that the lock will be closed in a few days time for new gates to be fitted.
 About half a mile above Keynsham Lock - Oh dear, this must have happened during high tide last night - there were men on the bank securing these ropes - it's apparently still there and there are now buoys around it as a danger to vessels (Waterscape)
 ... and another casualty a bit further upstream ...
This one had also sunk well under the water  (this picture taken on 25th August on the way downstream)
Other than the above we had an uneventful cruise to Bitton Bridge where we had the whole 24-hour mooring pontoon to ourselves!  BBQ out and a nice relaxing evening in a very peaceful setting tonight!
We have thoroughly enjoyed our 10 days in Bristol Harbour - the best city mooring ever!


  1. Hi Carol George and Molly.
    We were the crew (is that the right word?) in the blue canal boat 'Devises' waiting with you at Netham lock. We have been enjoying your pics especially as they have filled in for the ones we missed! We must have lived parallel lives for the week. Same sights, heron, sunken boat oooops (probably not the word used by the owner). We will be using your blog to plan next years hols. Phoebe says hi to Molly.

    Sarah, Bob and Phoebe

  2. Hi to you too!
    Thanks for commenting on the blog; glad you enjoyed the pictures too. It was lovely to meet you all albeit for such a short time. Nice to think that you'll 'do' the canals again; happy to oblige with routes via the blog. Hope that you'll 'pop' into the blog now and then!