Wednesday, 14 September 2011

No post at Seend

I rang at Seend Post Office again this morning - but still no post.
 Swans ahoy as I 'hover' waiting for Seend Bottom Lock to be ready - an uneventful cruise today apart from each of the 5 locks being against us!
 Jostling for position
 There's always one that bucks the trend!
 Gosh, he's a late one ...
 ... and unusually only has one parent with him
Moored just past Sells Green Swing Bridge and the plank is out!
We need to do the Caen Hill flight of locks (all 23 of them) tomorrow but we'll have to ring the post office again before we leave here - I do hope the post arrives.


  1. Perhaps Tesco have taken over mail deliveries in the area!!