Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Don't ya just luv 'im ??

Taken last night (Monday)
 My optimist! and the food was delicious too!
 We left Honey Street moorings on Saturday hoping to spend the rest of the weekend by Lady's bridge near the wide water or at Pewsey, but it was not to be (again).  Long lines of forever moored boats everywhere so we cruised on and eventually found a space on the 24-hours at Wooton Rivers.
We hadn't bargained for locks when we set off and guess what?   The heavens opened just as we stopped to set the bottom lock and we both got soaked! 
We quickly settled down and because the weather forecast for Sunday was torrential rain we were very naughty and overstayed and to make matters worse - no telly and no internet either!
 Up early Monday to a picturesque sunrise at 06:30 - we want to be away nice and early hopefully to get a decent mooring at Crofton
 We were away by 08:30 and at Bruce Tunnel just after 10
 We were lucky enough today to be sharing locks with NB Christina andwe took the last mooring spaces available at Crofton, arriving just after 1pm.  That was lucky!
 Taken last night from the galley window.

We woke late this morning - our creaking ropes woke us up as the boat tipped away from the moorings due to a drop in the water level!  George went out to loosen the lines but it didn't make much difference at all.  We considered moving on to Great Bedwyn but decided in the end to stay where we are and hope that the  water level wouldn't fall much further as we're already on the bottom!

If any one has been down the Kennet and Avon they will have seen these trains going by.  This one stopped opposite us this morning - wagons as far as the eye can see - in both directions!
That's Crofton Pumping Station in the picture on the right - I wish it was pumping water today!


  1. Nice one George. Extreme Barbeque-ing!

  2. seems a long time since we shared one of these barbecues! pleased George's optimism continues---Jen

  3. Hi Jen - yes, it's been too long!