Thursday, 15 September 2011

Billy no mates, but steady does it!

The post has still not arrived so George has arranged with the post office in Seend to forward it to Hungerford as soon as it does arrive - we live in hope!
We set off from Sells Green Swing Bridge at 10:30
The 2nd lock of the day (lock number 23)
There were no boats going the same ways as us so it looked as if we were going up on our own (it's so much easier with 2 boats per lock; it takes less time and there is at least twice the number of crew to work the locks.
 A beautiful house with workshop and mooring above lock 25
 Looking up the Caen Hill flight of locks - it's no wonder they call it heart break hill!
 Looking back down the hill from lock 31 (13 more to do!)
 Lots of gongoozlers (people who like to watch boats) and lots of pictures taken of R n R
 Now at lock 37 ...
 ... and there's something going on up in lock 39 I wonder what it is?
 Two narrowboats strapped together - I hope there's room for me in the passing place to my right ..
 ... only just - they just touched my bow as they came out but had some trouble getting in line to enter the lock that I'd just exited
 Looking back again - this time from lock 41 - not long now!
 Just about to exit lock 44 - our destination for tonight - and we're off to the pub for dinner!
It was 4pm by the time we'd moored up - that's 3 miles, 23 locks and 5.5 hours non-stop!
We passed one boat on the 3rd lock and the two on the 19 lock of the day - 18 locks were against us (locks which needed to be emptied before we could enter them) meaning that only 5 were with us ( ready for us to enter)
But it wasn't a problem - it was a great day - no wind and nice and warm (just like it should be)!!

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