Saturday, 10 September 2011

Back in the olden days!

September 1980 - our first canal holiday
 We collected Piddlebrook from a Hire Company very near the (then) terminus of the canal at Droitwich.  From there we cruised south onto the River Severn (non-tidal), to Worcester, Tewkesbury and onto the tidal Severn to Gloucester and back. I can't believe that I have recently been 'anxious' about rivers (tidal or not) we must have been very naive - we were certainly young and invincible!
We were both a bit like
 stick insects in those days!
The kids, Sharon and Mark and Trixie our first dog, on the roof 
we wouldn't allow our grand children up there!)
Sometimes it rained ...
 ... and I wished I was anywhere but!
Sharon would very rarely shed her jumper even when everyone else was hot!
 so this must have been an exceptional day
George and I with a very wet dog! and that hair style Carol - where did that come from!


  1. Love those flairs, remember them well - maybe too well! Doesn't time fly, as they always said?!

  2. Hey, what a pair of dudes! Great hair, Carol! Love the casual "hand in pocket" slouch, George.
    You've made me nostalgic, now. I'll have to see if I can find some of our esrly boating pics, then we can have a laugh when we next meet.

  3. Sounds good to me Geoff! Any ideas where you're heading for winter 'cruising' yet?