Monday, 7 February 2011

Up hill this time .... most of the way anyway!

Saturday 5th February - we shall stay here in Whittington until Monday so today ...
 ... with Geoff we set off for a walk to Kinver Edge - the pretty setting at Whittington Bridge ... 
 ... but we turn left past the cottages - K9's in tow ... 
 Geoff leads us up the hill - and when I say up I mean really really up!  The Severn Trent Water Pump House can be seen in the bottom left-hand corner.  I had to rest my camera on the fence to take this picture - it took a while to get my breath back - good exercise though. 
We carried on up and up the hill to  Saint Peter's Church - click here for more
 Lots of welcome snowdrops (Galanthus) in the church yard
 Looking down from the church into Kinver - what a house - I wonder what it's origins are and how old it is?
 Even further UP the hill - a delightful sight - primroses (primula vulgaris) ...
 ... it was all worth it; from Kinver Edge you could see for miles ...
 ... and miles!
 Meg is asking for attention; she gets lots of twigs and leaves caught in the fur round her pads and Molly is waiting for me to catch up. 
We start the downward trek there's lots of interesting walkways but we can't do them all.
 We stop for a bite to eat and a drink courtesy of Geoff and the boys check their toys to see which way next!
 ooooh!  Caves!
 This is for Mags (Geoff's better half) as it reminds me of her favourite animal. 
 George checking the estate agents information re this 'desirable' residence!
would the view from the entrance be worth the purchase?  I think so!
 the deep gully will take away the draining water but it's very dry today thank goodness
 Meg and Molly having a great time!
 the boys discuss - is it a chimney flue?
 oh look here's another one.
 can you see who that is?
 we continue downwards - it is so beautiful!
 natures colours are amazing
 .. . I spy a tree creeper!
 We discovered that we had walked too far in the downward direction and had another (smallish) steep incline to reach a great vantage point - I think this is looking towards Wolverhampton/Birmingham...
 ... and this way to the Welsh hills...
 ... and down there a desirable residence nestles in the trees.
 Kinver is spread out below and we continue down again.
 on look, more caves - we must explore...
... it's the National Trust Property Holy Austin Rock Houses
... information boards at the site ...
... are very detailed ...
and self explanatory.
a storage place at the rear ...
... and another chimney flue ...
... we decided that this was the privy as the cuttings in the sandstone in the left and right back corners could have held a shelf-like structure and is approximately seating height!  Any alternatives?
We were out walking for three and a half hours, rather longer than we expected but great fun!

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