Sunday, 13 February 2011

Pratts Wharf into Stourport Basin and new developments

We had been watching blue tits flying in and out of here ...
... but as soon as I got the camera out we never saw a one!
Looks suspiciously like a 'kingfisher' tree 
 more debris has appeared overnight.
The pictures above taken just before we upped-sticks at about 10:30 on what looked to be another bright clear day for our trip into Stourport - we were hoping to cruise down to Worcester and back during the next few days but had heard that the river is far too high. 
 More evidence of this canal's industrial heritage.
 This is a winding hole (where boats can turn around) and a half just before the railway bridge
 Oh, it's them again!  These were the BW guys who were working at Kidderminster Lock yesterday, the chap on the left was the one who kindly took the pictures for me
More industrial Heritage but it doesn't sound like a company I'd like to deal with - slippery and all that ...
... but it's an aquatic centre - the tanks here were full of fish, the first one held huge Koi Carps. 
 Interesting canalside terraces
 Not a long journey today, just an hour later we're pulling into Stourport Basin and tying up to the 24-hour visitor moorings.
 Here comes Mags bringing Seyella in to moor behind us.
 Molly waits patiently whilst we hook up the water hose.
 a pretty picture of the clock tower
 New developments at the basin
Most of the apartments appear to be occupied except those on the far left
The contractors, for some reason that was not apparent, are emptying the basin at the centre of the new development. 
 Each of these houses had a plaque attached - 'This building is an ancient monument and of special historic interest'
 Apartments now occupy what was once the Tontine Hotel
 The River Severn in full flow - the chap at the boatyard said that the water had come down by 14 feet!!
 I love the pattern of these trees.
 The Widebeam passage to and from the river has a tight bend between the locks...
 ... and the narrowbeam locks - well as you can see they were submerged!!
an old etching of the basin
 ... as was the car park!
 the view from the river lock up to the basin
 I like all the combination of all the straight lines at different angles to each other together with the curve of the wet dock and slide.
 The basin at dusk
a good scene.
Since we cannot cruise the river and cannot stay in the basin for more than 24-hours, we (Seyella and us) will turn about, refill with water and fuel and set off back up the Staffs and Worcester - Birmingham next!

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