Monday, 21 February 2011

Hyde Lock to Stewpony and then to Merry Hill

Wednesday 16th Feb - a cold, cold start this morning ...
 ... but the promise of a clear bright day as we leave our mooring just above Hyde Lock
not far to go today, just up to Stewpony where we'll moor for the night and an early start tomorrow.
Entering Stourton Bottom Lock ...
... with Mags close behind
To enable two boats to pass the one coming down the lock needs to exit first if possible and wait in the side arm whilst the boat coming up slips into the upper lock; the boat in the arm will then have to reverse its stern up to the gates to get in line to enter the lower lock.  I'm glad it's not high season, it must be a nightmare!
lots of weeds had to be removed from behind the gates of lock 4 at Stourton
So, we've now done 4 locks rising 32 feet.
keeping to mid-channel to avoid the weeds
the small storage arch on the right has been bricked up
a peaceful scene as we negotiate the bend
the first of the Stourbridge 16 with what I think is Wordsley Church in the distance
Hubby George has been wheel-locking (going on ahead to open the next lock)
signs of old industry at lock 14
Red House Glassworks Museum  - Stuart Crystal ...
... visitor centre just past lock 13

a pretty lock cottage as we continue to climb
looking back from lock12 at Dadfords Shed, the boatyard and Glasshouse Cone beyond
old working boat ANSON 4000071 rusting away at the entrance to lock 11 ...
... which has a split in the walkway which in the days of horse-drawn boats enabled the rope to pass through without being detached from the horse.  There's not one of these locks which is directly in line with the previous one!
looking back down six locks - only 10 to go!
Geoff wheel-locking for Mags who's bringing up Seyella
did this road sign get blown into the canal by the wind?  I think not!  It took George ages to fish it out of Swan Lane lock 6  before I could enter - only 5 more to go now!
Mags is still hot on my heels!
do three daisies make it officially spring?
Lock 4 - This is the first time I've seen the effect of opening the gate paddles from inside the lock - it didn't throw me about like it thought it might.  The Stourbridge 16 rise is a total of 145 feet!
that's a lot of locks we've climbed and we're not there yet!  These are the Delph Locks - 8 now, but originally known as the Nine Locks before some were rebuilt in 1858 - and guess what?  Lock numbers 8 to 2 are all dead lined up - what a treat!
The stables once used for the horses which towed the old boats have been nicely restored at lock 3 - we're nearly there now!
looking back from Delph Top Lock ...
and out of the lcok the towpath is new and very well lit
And here we are at our mooring for the next couple of nights - Merry Hill Shopping Centre.  I can feel a little  retail therapy coming on!
We started out at 08:15 this morning and it was 16:30 when we arrived here - that's 8.25 hours minus 45 minutes for lunch, we've cruised about 7 miles, climbed through 28 locks and risen in height by  262 feet; the weather has been kind to us with the occasional sunshine coming through the cloud base - it's been a very enjoyable day.

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