Thursday, 24 February 2011

Dudley Tunnel

Geoff, George and I took the midday trip into the tunnel
George insists on wearing the hard hat on top of his woolly one!
and in we go ...
Shirts Mill Basin
coming into Castle Mill Basin
the flooded mine
we pass another trip boat here
the Skipper's commentary was interesting, informative and often quite funny
Limestone cave ....
... formations.
miners of the day ...
... in work ...
... mode!
custard cavern!
the mine manager - 'lost' in time
sorry, can't remember what this cavern was called
we pull over for William to pass
In the busy days of mine operation this area would have been very congested with boatmen literally fighting to gain a better position; the boat that had been forced to pull over would have had a hell of job to get out into the stream again. 
Volunteers were put to work legging through the tunnel - Geoff on the right and George
... and a good job they did too! ...
... receiving a sustificut to prove it!

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