Monday, 14 February 2011

Stourport to Wolverley Court Lock

Thursday 10th Feb - leaving Stourport today; the River Severn, although running a little slower and lower than yesterday is still too high for a cruise. 
 The water pump was thankfully silent during the night but made a quite spectacular picture at 11am this morning and the basin that was being emptied had nearly filled up again over night!
 By the time I had finished a couple of wash loads and filled the water tank once more it was about 1:30 when we moved across the basin to collect diesel.  This is Tug Jubilee which has been purchased by Limekiln Chandlers who also own the boat business and I understand that they are going to convert her to a house boat and will more than likely end up on the Thames.
 She was in service with BW up to 2006 moving plant around the system and is 13'4" beam and 67' in length; she is powered by 2 x Perkins engines (I was told the size of them, but it really didn't mean much to me so now I can't remember!).  The engines are housed here behind the wheelhouse which will be remodelled so that it collapses to enable it to pass under bridges; the chimney will also collapse of course. 
 The front will be converted into living accommodation ...
 ... and it has a fine rear deck, perhaps for soaking up any sun we might have!  The guy I was talking to (works at the yard) says that there must be one condition of her sale - that he will be allowed to be onboard Jubilee during the journey to the Thames when she's completed in about 12 months time.
 We eventually climb York Street Lock where these beautiful ? Georgian terraced houses line the street.
Another short journey today mooring once again just past Bullocks Bridge 9.
 Passing The Watermill pub as we approach Kidderminster the following day ...
 ... and the ridiculous amount of rubbish encountered in Kidderminster Lock.
After stopping for supplies once again at Tesco and Sainsburys we put in the pins again just above Wolverley Court Lock for the weekend.
 On Saturday morning we set off to walk into Wolverley with Geoff and Meg and our first stop was the fine St. John the Baptist Church - I must say though that I don't think the porch is in keeping with the church architecture at all.
We 'discovered' this very old headstone of John who died on the 16th May 1684 aged about 30 years (long before births were required to be registered) - 327 years ago!! 
 Looking down on the village of Wolverley ...
 ... and down the zig-zag path into the village (Geoff on the left and hubby George on the right).
 Looking back up towards the church...
 ... and down to the village gate - which was unfortunately locked and we had to turn around and head back up the path ...
 ... Geoff and George with Megs and Molly are waiting for me to catch up!
 a fisherman's tail tale or is Geoff showing George how to fly?
 Arriving down the hill into the village where the sandstone has either been cut or worn away to accommodate today's traffic...
 ... and a stable and horse trough cut into it too.
 looking up from the village.
 The Court House is up for sale at £299,000
 An unusual sundial on the Oak House - it was actually 10:47 when this photo was taken.
 a lovely view
 the clock tower
The bridge over the river Stour as we return to the towpath and our mooring.

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