Monday, 7 February 2011

Playing catch-up - 3 postings in one day!

Sunday 6th February 2011
 A hybrid Mallard on the opposite bank
 Geoff guides us on another walk, this time turning right at Whittington Bridge
 .... it's more on the level today ... nice and easy ...
 George (my hubby) waves to me - Geoff  ??
 Very peaceful here ...
 ...and it looks like children like to play here too ...
... and horses over these small jumps.
 oooooh ...... boaters gold .... how on earth is he going to get these in his rucksack?
 Geoff had been for a run along the towpath earlier this morning and seen this tree across the canal just south of Counsall Bridge 26, so on the way back we went for a nosey!  There's no way we're going to get through here tomorrow as we can't even report the problem to BW - no-one works at the weekend and we couldn't find a number that we could leave a message on, nor anything on Waterscape either or an e-mail address; so we'll report the problem tomorrow and wait here until it's removed.
 So we turned round and headed back to our moorings.
 The anglers were intent on winning the match, but when asked one said that the fish had 'gone away'
 The River Stour keeps us company alongside the canal towpath
 Here we are in Worcestershire .... (not sure what Molly's up to)
.... and here we're in Staffordshire! 
 This society really looks after its waterway.
 I haven't seen one of these for a few days now
 and back to our mooring again.
 From the galley window this morning (Monday) a nice spot ....
... but the wind is gusting up to 65 mph and is swirling the water every which way.
The problem regarding the fallen tree was reported to BW this morning and has now been cleared; we shall up-sticks early tomorrow and cruise down to Stourport for much needed water and other services.

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