Saturday, 19 February 2011

More Bloggers Unite

Yesterday our plan (Seyella and us) was to leave Merry Hill where we arrived on Thursday afternoon and cruise via the Netherton Tunnel and Main Line to the Black Country Museum; but as with the best laid plans they are likely to change at any time - that's the way we boaters like it!  Geoff and Megs had been out for a long walk in the direction that we were going to head and met up with Lesley and Joe from NB Caxton heading our way; when we heard this news we decided to delay our departure to give us time to meet up as we knew that Jill and Graham from NB Matilda Rose were travelling with them.
 Graham tell what looks like a tall story; Jill and Lesley seem to look on in dispair!
My hubby George decided to take a photo of 4 sets of boating bloggers - he sets the camera up in the front cratch sets it to 'time delay' and we all smile - can you see his deliberate mistake?  He's not in the picture at all ...ok we'll have another go ...
... at least he's on this one although unfortunately the boat did not have time to settle between him rushing to sit on the floor and the camera taking the picci, so it is just a little blurred - never mind, you get the drift!
So.. George in front with Geoff on the right and Lesley on his right, Jill next, then me with Molly on my knees and Joe and Mags with Graham in the rear - fab!
You may have noticed that I've 'missed' a couple of days blogs but hope that you will bear with me as I wanted to get this one on first - watch this space for our journey from Stewpony to our arrival at Merry Hill.  Seyella has already posted pictures etc., if you can't wait.


  1. I saw your boat yesterday, bit like the tardis?

    Paste this link or vist my blog, was quite funny, hope you enjoy

  2. Carol
    You forgot to mention the work of the catering committee - builders tea and mountains of hot cross buns enjoying by all! Lovely to meet you all - until next time, happy cruising..