Tuesday, 15 February 2011

15th February 1969 - 42 years wed!!

On Saturday 12th whilst moored above Wolverley Court Lock I received a call from Ange, our daughter-in-law asking where we were as she had some post for us and wanted to bring it to us; she suggested that we meet up in a pub at about 5:30pm and 'have a bit of tea there'.  I told I'd check where the nearest pub was were we could eat and that accepted children and dogs and call her back - which I did - in the bar area of The Lock at Wolverley; she knew it and said that she'd see us later.  
We duly arrived there and Ange, Lucy and Edward were sitting waiting for us (unfortunately or son Mark was working); we ordered drinks all round and whilst chatting, both hubby George and I looked up and thought - that young girl looks just like our Joanne!  Looking beyond her we saw to our amazement our daughter Sharon, son-in-law Joe together with Joanne's sisters Louise and Alice (17 year old grandson Adam decided that he'd prefer to have the house and car to himself instead).  
They had travelled down from North Ayrshire; Sharon had arranged to whole thing on the spur of the moment yesterday!
 Not a brilliant picture - it was taken by the waitress!
The second one she took was not so blurred but I looked as if I was sucking a lemon!
Although it was not originally intended to be an anniversary surprise it was a very enjoyable start to the weekend. At the end of a lovely meal Ange, Lucy and Edward had to go home while Sharon and family stayed the night on Rock n Roll - a logistical dilemma indeed 7 of us on a boat that sleeps 6! But all was well, we had a wonderful time with them that evening and Sunday morning before they left.
Thanks Sharon for arranging it all it was the best surprise ever!
Today is our 42nd wedding anniversary
We were both 20 years old and very much in love on the day we got wed and married life has been very good to us, giving us two lovely children, Sharon and Mark and eventually 6 wonderful grandchildren.
George was in the Royal Air Force and we travelled far and wide - Staffordshire, Lincoln, Shropshire, Cyprus, Malta, Scotland, Wolverhampton, Germany, Holland, and back to Staffordshire settling after 20 years in Wales where we lived for 17 years before retiring from employment and starting out on NB Rock n Roll; God willing our adventures together will continue for many years to come.


  1. Many congratulations you two, my goodness what a surprise, how wonderful, everyone looks so happy! Love all the cards on the table too!

    Love to you both xxx

  2. Happy Anniversary - hope you had a fabulous day. Much love, Pip & Rog xxx

  3. What a lovely surprise, its good to see a photo of you all. Congrats on your wedding anniversary, happiness to you both, forever. Garry, Sue and the lads

  4. What a lovely post! Congratulations to you both and many happy years to come.