Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Gnosall to Market Drayton/BW New Technology

We're currently moored at Market Drayton in the warm sunshine having arrived at 10:30 yesterday
(having had no decent internet connections in days!).
After I'd updated my blog on Thursday at Gnosall and taken a Tesco delivery, who should we meet on the towpath but Ann and Chas from Moore2Life, they'd moored up just the other side of the bridge from us and had just stopped for lunch and shopping.  They called in for a cuppa and a catch-up with us before setting off again to catch up with No Problem.  It was so good to see you both again, enjoy your summer travels and keep in touch!

 We eventually left Gnosall at about 2pm and cruised on to moor for a couple of nights at Norbury Junction to catch up with washing and housework, to use the boat services there and of course to eat at the pub.

On Sunday we left Norbury; we haven't been on this stretch up to Barbridge for for over 30 years and we're looking forward to doing it again. 
The weather was warm but cloudy when we left ...
... and as we passed under this iconic bridge, it started to rain, hail for a few minutes and then a heavy downpour.  We were planning to moor at bridge 47 but by bridge 44 at the Wharf Inn aquaduct we gave up and put in the pins and of course the sun then came out again!!
these were taken at 20:30, the days are so much longer now - great!!

Upped sticks on Monday morning; we're heading for Tyrley Locks, we'll stay there for one night and then move on.
chicks emerging from Mum's feathers
working boats at the old Cadbury's wharf at Knighton
very quiet today
a forest planted in straight rows in rather strange!
approaching the first high arched bridge at Woodseaves Cutting - the Nicholson's Guide states 'there is not always room to pass another craft'  We passed three but I was too anxious about getting past the first one to get the camera for a picture!!
this was the second one - the boater commented on our boat name and pointing to his cap informed us that he had been having a drink with Elvis Presley's lead guitarist over the weekend ??
oh noooooo...  another one! and he didn't see us till he came out of the bridge hole!
cooo.... that was close!
and then we were at Market Drayton.
we took a walk down the locks to see what we were in for tomorrow -
I really like this picture of the top lock through the bridge
Up bright and early on Monday  (taken at 07:15) it looks to be the start of a good days cruising
Tyrley Locks are rather pretty .....
...... with the trees meeting overhead
BW's new technology - looking for a water leak!!  I wonder if this job is well paid?

it must be!!
This morning we walked into town for Market Day with the camera - some very old buildings
built in 1653 - in the alley you can see, was a small sign which read -
Back entrance to Sandbrook Vaults - Adults Only - wonder what went on in there then!!

No. 27 opposite the Vaults
I think it reads 'Da veli vesk erkon est - but I can't find a translation - anyone help?
St Mary's Church
Lady Chapel
a very imposing monument.
We'll be upping sticks tomorrow and heading for Adderley Locks.


  1. Some fantastic views, it will seem strange to be moored in one place for so long.

  2. The sign at no 27 says "Dave lives here, honest".

    Just with the spaces in the wrong places.

  3. That's David Hilldridges sign, He owns the building, The abbot's House. It used to be a Chinese restaurant but was burned out. Ironic that It survived the great fire in 1651 and survived another in 1991. He bought it after it had stood derelict and fire damaged for some years due to the owners who rented it out living in California.