Thursday, 22 April 2010

It's been a while since my last update - been going over old ground from Great Haywood through Penkridge, Cross Green, Autherley Junction and onto the Shropie up to Wheaton Aston and are currently moored at Gnosall and the internet connections along the way have not been good.

These are a few pictures I've taken along the way -

The days are getting warmer but the mornings have been very cold Saturday 17th April
was minus 1 at 06:45 ...
... when I took these at our mooring between bridges 7 and 8 near Brewood.
We picked up our daughter-in-law and grandchildren at Brewood and took them up to Wheaton Aston.  There we met up with friends of theirs and continued on the High Onn and back.  It was a wonderfully warm and most enjoyable day.

We were moored by the Hartley Arms on Tuesday 20th when I saw these 11 gorgeous chicks,
they couldn't have been more than a day or so old

sorry there are so many, but they are adorable!!
 ... and the sunset was spectacular when the it was cooling down very quickly in the late afternoon
(taken on George's phone camera)
Wednesday 21st saw us heading off again after taking on board fuel (59.9p)
from the new wharf at bridge 19
it was another sunny day but the wind on our faces was really cold
herons are usually very territorial so we were surprised to see these two together
after the Easter holidays the canal was so much quieter
older chicks take a walk along the towpath with mum
.. and whose that we spy?  None other than Sue and Vic taking in the sun's rays on No Problem - it was great to meet up again - hopefully one day we will meet whilst moored up and and can exchange more than a few words in passing!  Have a great summer on the Severn and in London.  We won't forget to visit that chippy in Skipton!!
looking back down the very narrow cutting just before entering Cowley Tunnel.
Due to very shallow sides three times we were unsuccessful in mooring during the last half mile or so and we eventually put in the pins in Gnosall just before bridge 34.
Today (Thursday 22nd) was another very cold morning so we stayed under the duvet a bit longer and when we did surface we walked into the village. Like Wheaton Aston the locals are so friendly, always greeting us with a smile and hello or good morning.
 We spent a very interesting hour looking around St Lawrence Church Gnosall - well worth a visit.
(taken on George's phone camera)
sorry, sorry I know, another duckling, but isn't he/she just loverly???????

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  1. Hi Carol & George

    Nice to hear from you guys and happy to say that alternator problem now fixed. It seems that we are about a week behind you, currently moored at Brewood, but it is our plan to go to York and Rippon, but not before we have done the Llangollen Canal and Chester. We are taking six months to do all of this, so maybe as you are not in a hurry, we might catch up with you. That wouls be fun.

    Keep in touch Mac & Jacquie N.B. SKYY