Friday, 9 April 2010

First Times

Saturday 27th March - Friday 9th April 2010
This has been the first time since cruising on RnR that we have really had a bad case of 'Cabin Fever'! We've been in the Great Haywood area since mid-December and we are dying to get away.  Don't get me wrong we have nothing against this area but we have never stayed anywhere for more than a few days before!
During the above dates we've walked around Shugborough grounds on numerous occassions, had our son and his family on board for dinner, George has caught up with some jobs on the boat, and we've had a trip to Rugeley and back.  We used to live in Rugeley some 35 years ago and for the first time since leaving we took a walk 'down our road' and up to Etching Hill which used to be our dog walking area at that time.  We were very disappointed as the top of the hill was covered in broken glass bottles, we were lucky to get Molly down without her cutting her pads.
this was the first time we've seen ducklings this year!
There have been quite a few first times over the last week or so - the first blackthorn blossom, the first butterflies, celandine, dandilion, first sight of fabulous kingfishers and hopefully only the first of the warm sunshine!
George had his last dental appointment on Wednesday afternoon so we finally set off on the start of our summer journey yesterday.  First we had to fill up with water and guess who we met there - for the first time to speak to properly - Dot and Derek on Gypsy Rover - we had only waved and said hello in passing
before today - it was great spending that leisurely hour or so it took to take on water, fuel etc., swapping mooring places to make it all happen.  Hope you are feeling much better today Dot and have a bit more of an appetite - enjoy your trip back home and hope to see you again in the not too distant future.
this this morning was certainly not the first time we'd seen an early morning frost ...
... but it was a lovely sight at 07:15 just above Tixall Lock and the day soon warmed up beautifully
and the first time that we've seen a ferret on the towpath!
We are currently moored below Shutt Hill Lock (41) on the Staffs and Worc. 

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