Sunday, 19 August 2012


Monday 13th we returned to Runnymead to collect our eldest grandson Adam and his friend Sam - they’ve spent the week in London helping visitors to find their way around - their position in London was Knightsbridge!

Old Windsor lock was the of the day and we were held up by Magna Carta who was in the lock, a river trip boat coming down and another waiting to go up in front or us; in total there were 7 boats waiting!

Fuel boat Archimedes with the two brothers on board

Another lock full - here we’re three abreast with a trip boat and two cruisers in front of us!

Moored at Windsor ... 

and it’s time for a BBQ

The little girl hanging on to her father’s legs couldn’t have been more than 4 - she was chatting away to him 20 to the dozen as they cruised past!
 Eton College put on a great display in the evening

7:30 the following morning this was the view from the galley window as I was putting the kettle on! 

Do you mean this rope Grand?

The Magna Carta Memorial at Runnymead ... and below at the Kennedu Memorial

It was lovely to see them both and have them travel with us - back to Uni now for both of them - Adam (right) to Glasgow and Sam to Dundee.

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