Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Gold Medals on the Thames

 Bourne End was getting busy as we left this morning ...

The very pretty bridge at Cookham Lock ...

... which has the water point in the worst place imaginable with the shortest hose on earth!
 Clivedon House up on the cliff and Moore 2 Life below

The Ovaltine boat
Albert at Clivedon 
 A real or not?  I wasn’t completely sure until I was passing and his eyes didn’t move!

Dredging at Boulters Lock, Maidenhead ...

We were going to stop here for the night on the 24-hour visitor mooring but from this week there aren’t any! It’s £8 per night on the river wall and we decided that we didn’t want to be there.  So we moved on ...

Most unusual properties ...

... near Maidenhead Bridge

Does this house with a crocodile in the garden belong to someone famous?  I think it does but can’t remember who.
 First sign of security for the 21012 Olympics ...

 ... at Bray Lock where the Lock House is rather unusual but distinctive

From this point on below Bray Lock there is no stoping at all

An unusual sight in the back garden
 There is obviously something going on here near Windsor Marina ...
Heather Stanning and Helen Glover with their well deserved GOLD MEDALS
and the men’s eight with BRONZE - weren’t we lucky to be here today!!
 If you recognise any of the athletes  ...
 ... please let me know.

Boveney Church with its wonky tower

Waiting for the bus boat at Windsor Racecourse ...

... and here it comes barely managing to get under the bridge.
Currently mored at guess where??


  1. Hi Carol, The house with the crocodile is Rolf Harris' House, enjoying reading about your trip on the Thames. Best Wishes Doug and James