Sunday, 19 August 2012

Meeting Anne Boleyn at Court

Our Windsor mooring - rather overshadowed by the Magna Carta!
We took advantage of Ann and Chas’ suggestion that they look after our Molly for the day while we (George and I) went to meet King Henry at Hampton Court ...

... and heard Ann Boleyn shouting from an upstairs room, she’s been waiting too long to be wed ...

... and met her grandmother who tries to get things sorted ...

The tour was very much as it was when I visited last year, but as George did not accompany me that time I’ve included some pictures of what impressed him most ...
The Great Hall

... where we saw the King again

... and musicians by Fountain Court
The King’s Staircase (William III) ...
... with murals by Antonio Verrio

A palace of two halves - Baroque on the left and Tudor on the right

Clock Court ...
The Outer Ring is stationary and shows the hours of the day
The Outer Dial rotates annually and shows the days of the year, the position of the sun in the zodiac and the date
The Middle Dial, this solar dial and pointer rotate daily, telling the time
The Inner Dial is liner and rotates monthly indicating the phase and visible portion of the moon
made in 1540

The Knot Garden

... and the Beech Archway
Beautiful colours in one of the Pond Gardens

From the Dahlia Garden
Horse Carriage Rides

The Rose Garden ...
see the bird coming in from the right?

... it has no respect at all!

After a long walk (with lots of turning back) we did reach the centre of the maze!
Hampton night life

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