Friday, 10 August 2012

09:30 yesterday we upped sticks and set off - destination today - Weybridge

This is council run parkland but with ‘no mooring’ ... what a shame and they’re loosing some income ...

... but here’s some mooring that looks promising for another time ... Environment Agency moorings free for the first 24-hours and £5 per day after for a total of 72-hours - then it’s £50 per night!

I remember these buildings from our last visit
They look like utility buildings,  perhaps a pumping station ...

... and perhaps the two houses were originally (and maybe still are) where the operatives lived

First of the day ...
Bell Weir Lock

The pretty Swan Hotel in Staines

Under the railway bridge ...

... past St Peter’s Church in Staines ...

... which is where we first spoke to Leon’s dad canoeing from Bristol to Southend to raise money to enable his son to walk unaided - please help by making a donation using this link
Amazing riverside properties along here

We have to cross over to the ‘wrong’ side of the river to access the landing stage for ...

Penton Hook Lock ...

... with its rather posh lock keepers house

We thought this an unusual weir ... built in 1924 for Thames Water - then MWB but I’m not sure what the ‘M’ stood for!

For sale or for rent ... any takers?

Not this one though it is suffering badly from subsidence and damp!

Much better!

Under the M3 on the approach to Chertsey Lock ...

... where all the paddles on the weir are open ...

... and the lock is extremely tidy.

Both Moore 2 Life and Rock n Roll taking on water below the lock - can’t wait for a really decent shower later!

The pretty arched Chertsey bridge was partly rebuilt in 1894.

Well, I thought that No Problem was on the meadows above Beale Park!

Pharaoh’s Island ...

... has some nice homes too.

The last one today at Shepperton ...

... where just below we found moorings for both boats - this is a lovely mooring for a night - and at no cost either!

Sunset over Shepperton last night at 8:30 - absolutely stunning!


  1. MWB is probably Metropolitan Water Board

  2. Thank you ‘unknown’ you may very well be right!