Sunday, 26 August 2012


 Visitors today - we took them on a short cruise to Dapdune Wharf to fill the water tank and returned to the meadows ...

The Carpenter’s Shed where seasoned oak is stored ready to replace planks on Reliance - a Wey Barge

Wow, these look good ....

... hand made too - very beautiful ...

... made by this gentleman - a NT volunteer ...
also in the picture is George’s sister Diane and hubby Paul - and Molly of course!

Relaxed but industrious

Dapdune Wharf’s Blacksmith Shop

Wey barge Reliance was built at Dapdune in 1931 -32 but had a rather short career when she hit a bridge on the River Thames in 1968 and sank

Reliance’s cabin
Paul, George and Di - great to see you both again.


  1. Hi Carol, hope you're both ok , you all look happy so that's good. Where can i learn to make the rope mats? They look great and I want to make one. Off to the library to see if I can find a book on how to!! Speak soon. xxxx

  2. Great idea! You can make one for me too!