Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Itchy Feet ...

... time to move on ... we left our mooring on the Guildford meadows yesterday morning and headed towards Godalming, the furthest south possible to navigate on the connecting rivers and canals.
First lock of the day ...

... where Al and Del caught us up and shared the lockings

Passing the weir where pilings are being inserted - this was probably the cause of the very low water on the reach above Millmead Lock last week when I rang the lengths man to say there was a problem (RnR was very, very tilted) and within a couple of hours it was remedied although not sure it was the result of my phone call! What we did know though, it was the cause of the low water here today, but with care both boats made it to Unstead Lock with not too much ‘scraping the bottom'

Couldn’t agree more!!

The bridge above is Broadford Bridge and Nicholson’s Guide does not tell you that at ‘normal’ river levels the clearance is only 6’ 4” - but as you can see we got under ok ...

... and so did Derwent6 much to Al’s relief!

Although double locks they’re narrower that those on the Grand Union etc., only a few inches between the boats

It is from the River Wey Navigation Information booklet given to us when entering the river that gave us the bridge heights etc., but even that source didn’t tell us that Trower’s Footbridge was also very low!

This is Cattershal - the last lock on the River Wey with these strange alcoves in the walls - any ideas out there that could tell me what they would have been used for please?

Derwent6 has stopped at the services so we continued into the town to collect water ....

... where we met this swan with a severe case of OCD .... once he started attacking the boat ...

... he couldn’t stop! Up and down he went pecking at the side and stirring up a wake in the water like a mad thing!
After an unsuccessful attempt to moor half way between the town and the lock we reversed into a nice space opposite the long-term moorings.  Al and Del had a disposable BBQ taking up space so invited ourselves and Ann and Chas to bring along our sausages and burgers, salad and wine and make good use of that BBQ!

A perfect end to a perfect day!

 10 am this morning the view from the back deck - you may just be able to see the bridge marking the end of navigation on this river in the middle of the picture in the trees.

and this is what it was like at half twelve - and has been ever since!
Don’t care though, we’re snug inside very relaxed!!

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