Sunday, 1 April 2012

Just like 1975!

 -6 at 6am this morning and still -3 when I took this picture 2 hours later ...
 ... thick frost on the back seat and the towpath even though the sun was now strong...
... and at 11am brilliant sunshine in Penkridge - the weather probe on the roof says 30.2 degrees!

The weather reminded me of March/April 1975!

George was still in the Royal Air Force and we were living in Malta; our posting would end in March and we would return to the UK to RAF Sealand near Chester.

He had volunteered been told that he was going to Kenya for 6 weeks in February/March so as our tour was soon to be over I decided to return to the UK before he left.  Boxes packed and shipped I returned home to stay at Mums on New Year's Eve 1974.

After a very enjoyable stay at a very nice hotel just outside Niarobi and a visit to the Tsalvo West Safari Park - a once-in-a-lifetime experience - George was coming home (beautifully tanned!).

Unfortunately there were no quarters (houses) available at RAF Sealand and so we were given a 'records' (temporary) quarter at (the then) RAF Tern Hill near Market Drayton.  Also unfortunately all our boxes containing all our worldly goods were waiting for us at RAF Sealand so we took our suitcases and moved out of Mums to Tern Hill.

Bearing in mind that I and the children had left Malta in December I had packed up most of the summer clothing in the boxes to be shipped and took only the warmest clothing for us on our journey home. You've probably guessed by now that March in 1975 turned out to be hot and my first port of call when we arrived at our temporary quarters was to go to the market at Market Drayton (it was a brilliant market town in those days) to kit myself and the kids out in shorts and t-shirts etc.  Although England was so much colder than Kenya George managed with the civvy clothes that he'd taken with him.  

However ....  at Easter in 1975 winter came again - it was perishing cold and off we went once again to the market this time to purchase warm clothing for George!  

I can't remember how long the very cold weather lasted though - hopefully the warm weather we've just experienced the last few weeks will return again in the not too distant future - we need nice sunny warm days with lots of rain - but only at night!

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  1. Wow, looks lovely - despite the cold temps, or maybe because of them!? The weather here can't decide what to do. We've had more light snow this afternoon, within the past hour, but still bright sunshine, too. Temp now about plus 6. Looks as contrary as the stuff you're having on the Cut.