Thursday, 12 April 2012

Memories recent and not so recent!

Archimedes passing us by late afternoon on Tuesday at Acton Trussell; this was the third working boat passing us within an hour or so.
 I wonder if they are returning from the Easter Boat Gathering at Ellesmere Port as mentioned in Norbury Wharf's recent posting?   The last time we saw Archimedes was in Little Venice on Thursday 5th May 2011 during the  Carnival; the crew had just brought the boat non-stop from Ellesmere Port to take part in the helmsman's competition being held as part of the festivities.  
The time before that was whilst sitting outside the Admiral pub at Braunston in April 2009 when Archimedes and sister boat Ara came through the lock as it would have been done many years ago by the professional boaters - in and out in a flash - click here for great photo's of a similar event at Stoke Bruerne taken by NB Albert in June 2010.
 A queue for Deptmore Lock after we'd left our mooring at Acton Trussell on Wednesday morning - this one has just come up the lock, one is currently on it's way down, you can see one waiting on the lock landing too, then it's our turn to descend ... 
 ... followed by NB Klara who very kindly informed us that they enjoyed reading the blog - nice to meet you - happy cruising!
 We hit a very heavy shower before Tixal Lock - you can still see the dark clouds behind us ...
 ... as we approach the Wide ...
... and Swivel Bridge - which doesn't!
 All the Anglo Welsh boats are out - I remember that it was difficult to pass all the hire boats here just a couple of short weeks ago.
The view from the galley at our mooring for the next 48-hours.

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