Monday, 2 April 2012

Oh no ... what was that?

 Lock duty for me first thing today - we George has reversed from our mooring back to Penkridge Lock - we need water before we go any further ...
 ... the lock didn't take much 'doing' it was empty and I only had to open the gates - I have to admit that the new safety fence made me feel better about crossing over - and George 'never touched the sides even in reverse!'
 Water tank full we wait for a boat to come up then we can go down again and carry on.
 Approaching Teddesley Boatyard, Park Lock and Midland Chandlers ...
about 10 minutes before this picture was taken there was a sudden noise from the engine and it stopped, started, stopped, started all in a couple of seconds - either something caught on the prop or a fan belt has come off.  George did an engine service yesterday and fitted high a performance belt and new pulley tensioner sent specifically from BETA.
We managed to pull in just opposite the boat shelter in the photo ...
 ... and George went down the 'ole for a look - fortunately he had a spare belt and he refitted the original tensioner (the new one was a fraction wider than the original and the spacer was wider too)
BETA sent 2 belts - the one on the right is the one that 'went' - the engine had been run for approximately 6 hours since it was fitted - George will send it back to BETA for an explanation!
Engine running smoothly again and oil purchased for the next service we set off once again just as far as Acton Trussell - we're just idling away a few days until we return to Gailey to spend time with family over Easter.

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  1. Pretty impressive stuff there, George managing to get R&R into that narrow channel without touching either side. Doubt I could manage that one! You should get your money back for that dud belt. Tell George to charge them for his time too!