Friday, 20 April 2012

24 hours

 It was chucking it down when we left our mooring yesterday morning at 25 past 9 ...
 ... and still raining an hour later as I ascended Aston Lock - BW are working on the lock landing ...
 ... but the rain had eased a little as we arrived in Stone at 10:45.
We went straight to the water point to fill the tank and I did 3 loads of washing...
... before leaving 24 hours later after refilling the water tank ... and it's not raining (yet)!
 BW are still at work ...
 ... making a really good job of extending that lock landing.
 Aston Marina
 Are those rain clouds coming our way I wonder?
 We may just get back to our mooring without getting wet!
 An Anglo Welsh hire boat moored on a sharp bend a few yards before a bridge!!!
 All the goats  have gone now ...
 ... and we didn't get wet at all - we're now back between bridges 84 and 85 ...
... and Molly ... just ... sitting!
We'd had a call from Canal Cruising Stone where we were to have gone into the dry dock on Tuesday afternoon - they have 'cocked-up' the bookings and now we can't get in until Thursday morning - that's why we've returned to this lovely quiet mooring once again to while away a few more days.
It will mean that we leave the dock on May 1st and need to be through Rothertshorpe and Northampton locks by the 8th.  According to Canal Plan we can do the journey in 6 days of 7-hours of travelling - that will be tough especially if the weather is unkind, but doable! 

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  1. Hi Guys

    7 hours a day!, 2 hours a day is our max at the moment, but I will keep checking your blog and if I detect any slacking I will kick butt via comments. We are crossing the Wash mid June from Boston to Wisbech, sea conditions permitting and will be on the Middle Level by 20th so hopefully will see you somewhere on the Fens.

    Love Mac & Jac