Saturday, 3 December 2011

A short cruise in the sunshine and visitors!

Woke up this morning (Saturday) to bright sunshine ...
... these two photos were taken at 10 am ...
... at our mooring between bridges 7 and 8 on the Shropshire Union Canal just south of Brewood
I'm walking the two miles into Brewood; the men appear to be having a conflab whilst Geoff ensures that Mags has plenty of logs to keep the home fire burning today
Just under Park Bridge 8 and just far enough away from the M6 traffic noise it was a peaceful view
He was watching me getting nearer and nearer ...
... until he decided it was time to move on ...
... to a lower perch.
Looking through Chillington Bridge towards Avenue Bridge ...
... and Avenue Bridge in all its splendour ...
... and into another fantastic space
Looking back at Avenue Bridge along a rather soggy towpath
Brewood - nearly there!
Mr Grumpy!
Interesting and informative signs at the 48-hour visitor moorings by High Bridge Brewood
Molly waits not very patiently for Rock n Roll to arrive ...
... and here she is
Seyella has arrived and to make life easier since the towpath is so muddy Geoff has pulled along side us ...
... and here comes Lesley and Joe of NB Caxton and NB Yarwood
Mischievous Mags eating sugary doughnuts!
Thanks to Mags and Geoff for a lovely lunch and time to catch up with all the goss!
All too soon it was time to say 'Cheerio'. We hope to see you both again perhaps at Yarwood's launch in January/February or on the Fens in the spring.


  1. Some lovely photos Carol. They make me want to go now! Elly

  2. Thanks both - how frustrating selling a house is! Best of luck that you will sell soon and be able to follow your dream.