Thursday, 15 December 2011

Faster now though ...

Just after my last posting we reversed RnR through the bridge back to the water point and since the 5-day moorings were now vacant we moved back and tied up there ... and guess what ... an 'H' internet signal (apparently even better that 3G)!
So, where was I?  Oh yes, walking towards Norbury on Monday ... I waited at bridge 37 for George to come along and pick me up ... these are the pictures of the surrounding area ... so green ...

Looking back from a the bridge 'ole waiting for Rock n Roll

I think that will be Gnosall Church in the far distance

A bit out of focus I know, I wasn't quick enough with the camera when I saw them first, the bird on the left looks like a mandarin/mallard cross, he was certainly part of the 'gang'

Arriving at the always busy Norbury Junction

and the view through the cratch window at our mooring spot
On Tuesday George and I together with Ann Moore 2 Life and Geoff Seyella went for a walk over some fields, down and round some tracks ending up back on the towpath at High Bridge

Yesterday (Wednesday) a bright, crisp day ... views of ...

Norbury Wharf from the bridge Norbury Wharf Blog

Wednesday afternoon ... same walk as yesterday but Chas Moore 2 Life is with us today (Seyella having returned to Gnosall to collect post).  Over the muddy field ...

20 to 5 and dusk is falling

there's a bit of red in the sky

this path is worse than it was yesterday!

The view from the side hatch this morning ... Norbury Junction private moorings are getting a new pontoon

After revising for water and again onto the 5-day moorings, this is the view from the window - so much better!

.. and this from the front ...

... looking once again towards the junction - that sky is certainly promising something!

Out for a walk again this afternoon ... these horses, cosy in their blankets were eager for company.

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