Monday, 19 December 2011

 This little yellow wagtail's territory was opposite our mooring at Norbury Junction; he was busy there almost constantly.  He looks as if he's standing on the water but in fact he's on the edge of the canal overflow under the bridge from the residential moorings to the wharf.

An early start yesterday morning saw us up at the water point by 09:30 whilst the temperature was still just below freezing ...

... the grass leaves looked very odd!

Water tank full, we wait for Mr Tesco to bring our groceries ... he's late and we're starting to become anxious ...
I love winter sunshine, it can be so dramatic ... the sun is still shining on the wharf but the sky is full ... a few moments later the sleet came - just briefly.
Mr Tesco arrived about 20 minutes late .. but better late than never .. been there .. done that .. and hopefully .. never again!
Whilst George set us off I started to put away the shopping; trying to find space for it all was not easy!

I eventually came back on the deck (I don't like being inside when we're on the move - I feel that I'm missing something!)

It's slowly, slowly past this long line of long term moorers as long as the eye can see ...

... we've rounded that top corner and looking back ... boat, boats and more boats ...

... and the same view as we continue ...

Christmas deco's in the trees ??

No, a wonderful display of lovely ripe red crab apples in the sunshine ... 

... marvellous!

Looking back at the long straight that is Shebdon Embankment 
 Knighton Wharf once owned by Cadbury and although no longer deals with chocolate crumb, I swear that I can smell chocolate whenever we approach.

Geoff on NB Seyella has included 
more info of this area on his blog - see link below.

Looking back towards bridge 44 ... a typical canal scene ... one that I personally can't get enough of!

George is happy in his role as helmsman ... but that guy we've just passed looks to have a slight problem getting through the bridge 'ole! 

As the satnav used to say (when we had one) ... 'You have arrived at your destination'...

... Black Flat Bridge number 47 and there already moored up are narrowboats Seyella and Moore 2 Life.

Once tied up it was off to say hello to Mags where we enjoyed homemade mince pies (Ann M2L) and chocolate cake (Mags) ... both absolutely delicious!

A busy but enjoyable day.

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