Wednesday, 7 December 2011

They were still there!

After Lesley and Joe left us on Saturday we moved up a couple of hundred yards out of the gloom at Brewood's visitor moorings.  On Sunday Seyella moved on and we stayed put as we were meeting up with our son and his family who were doing a post run for us.  We met them in the Bridge Inn where George and I enjoyed a beautifully cooked Sunday Lunch. Whilst I was looking for a 'link' to the pub I found this one - posted online the day after we visited - Marston's Tenanted Vacancy - The Bridge Inn, Brewood Job ... - I hope that the next tenants keep up the quality of the food served.
 On Monday in the very nippy, strong wind at about 10am we upped-sticks from our mooring just north of Countrywide Cruisers ...
 ... and struggled a little to get out into the channel ...
 ... across Stretton Aquaduct which crosses the A5 Watling Street ...
 ... approaching Industry Narrowboats where we see a real tart ...
 ... and Chertsey!
 The boatyard restores classic narrowboats and builds authentic reproductions and always seems busy whenever we pass here (
 Plover - Boat Details is also moored here ...
 ... alongside Prince
 We soon arrived at Wheaton Aston, filled our water tank, got rid of the rubbish and received our Tesco delivery before moving on a short distance to Turner's Garage to fill the diesel tank where we saw Moore 2 Life berthed opposite ...
 ... Chas appeared with Molly just as we were setting off with our full tank; he's waiting for Ann to return from her family visit later this afternoon and we hope to meet up with them again tomorrow.
 Horseshoe shaped Rye Hill Bridge No 22 where just through the 'ole ...
... were these two lamas!
We continued through bridge 23 and to our surprise realised that Seyella was still there; we thought that they would have moved on towards Gnosall by now.
Yesterday (Tuesday) George helped Geoff to line his roof with boaters gold (fallen trees for the fire) and then completed an engine service whilst I started writing the Christmas Cards and walked Molly.
We were joined soon after by Moore 2 Life - so the convoy is reunited!
Last night all 6 of us got together on M2L to make a(nother) plan! We shall stay here today and move off to Gnosall tomorrow and take a bus into Stafford on Friday!
At this time of year I quite like these short-term plans.
Whilst looking for a link to Turner's Garage I came across this very interesting site -
Inland Waterways Diesel and Pumpout Prices - certainly worth a look when you need fuel of any sort.


  1. "A41 Watling Street" er.....ditch that map ! its the A5