Friday, 9 December 2011

It's definitely getting colder!

 It has been bitterly colds and extremely windy whilst moored at Little Onn

 We all upped sticks from here yesterday morning - 
Ann (Moore 2 Life) and I and the two Mollies walked a little way ...
 Chas has picked Ann and Molly up and I now wait for my knight to arrive
Cowley Bridge and through the bridge 'ole Moore 2 Life nears the tunnel
 Looking back at Cowley Cutting ...
 ... where I manage to snap this jewel - one of the very few we've seen this year
 Entering Cowley Tunnel ...
 ... and soon exiting it too ...
Looking back -Seyella is nowhere is sight yet.
After filling the water tank when we arrived at Gnosall we reversed and put the pins into a rather soggy towpath.  Shopping in Stafford today.

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