Wednesday, 14 December 2011

It's ohhh sooo slow!

After refilling our water tank we left Gnosall to cruise the two miles to Norbury Junction at about 11:15 on Monday 12th December ...
I walked about a mile on the rather soggy towpath towards bridge 36 in the picture above ....

The internet signal here really is diabolical! We have several 'dongles' (mobile internet connections)...T-Mobile/Orange and 3; 3 had No Network at all, T-Mobile/Orange gave us 2G but no 'bars' (signal strength).
I persevered last night though and managed to load just the one photograph...
it only took just over 2-hours!
So that's yer lot for now! Although I will post the others when I can.

Thanks to Ann and Chas on Moore 2 Life for making my birthday yesterday so very enjoyable.
George and I were invited round for a fantastic cooked meal after which we walked off the excess and returned to Moore 2 Life for a cup of tea and a slice of birthday cake - a great day - thanks again!

Here in the Midlands we're apparently in for a huge snowfall tomorrow with gale-force winds too - so we won't be moving from here just yet!


  1. Carol, firstly let me wish you a very happy birthday for yesterday. I am so pleased you had a lovely day xx

    Ha, internet! Well here at Great Bedwyn I have no 3 reception at all, which is very annoying as I have a new super duper contract with them. I have dumped Orange contract as it was up because they and T-Mobile will soon be sharing their data masts.

    That leaves me with T-Mobile which is giving me zero bars of gprs! I don't know how I am keeping my patience on the net, and doing the blog is becoming impossible, taking me many hours each day.

    Still, I don't have much else to do stuck here. Vic says it is character building.. I told him I am happy enough with the character I have thank you!

    Give my regards to Simon and David when you visit the wharf.. tell that Simon I said he isn't doing enough work!

    Love to you all down at Norbury, lovely to see you all enjoying each others company, only wish I could be there too.

    See you soon xxx

  2. Hi Sue - Thanks you - received this today (23rd December) - that's mighty slow internet!