Tuesday, 13 December 2011

The C & RT Council Election

Captain Ahab has my vote!
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Captain Ahab (Andy's) words ...

The Council performs an essential role as the guardian of the long term values and spirit of the Trust. The Council will have an important role in helping to shape policy, raising and debating issues, providing guidance and providing a sounding board for the trustees, who determine the policy and strategy of the Trust.

Now here is the thing. Having given the matter much thought I have decided to stand for election as a boater representative. You will be aware of my passion for our waterways, but there are some aspects to Captain Ahab that are not immediately apparent from my blog, aspects which are very relevant to my desire to serve in this way.

A little about Captain Ahab (from his 'about me' page)

.... I have just turned the big 50 and am celebrating over 40 years afloat. My love affair with the canals started with The Captain Snr, my father, who introduced me to the delights of the BCN in the late 1960's when things looked very different. Even at the tender age of eight I harboured dreams of one day owning a narrowboat, if i I ever came to live in the Midlands.... and here I am. ...

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  1. Guys
    Thank you for this lovely endorsement - its much appreciated.